Preceptorship Schedule

Week 1 – Trust Induction

– Complete mandatory training requirements and some essential to role training
-Essential to role training & medicines theory day
-Provide training packages to be completed during first month
-Provide trust preceptorship document and local induction proforma

First Clinical Week

-Meet with allocated preceptor / member of the training team
-Agree learning outcomes/opportunities with your preceptor
-Local induction begins
-Attend IT training
-Your first two weeks in a clinical setting should be supernumerary
-Meet with preceptor to identify roles/responsibilities and sign contracts in preceptorship package
-Identify activities and evidence of learning to be produced
-Set dates for subsequent interviews (1,2,4 month intervals)
-Trust preceptorship programme begins

By the end of your first month

You will:
-Complete a supernumerary period – minimum 2 weeks (separate from corporate/nursing induction)
-Work a minimum of 40% of shifts with your preceptor
-Start feeling integrated into the team
-Have a formal meeting to ensure all agreed actions/outcomes are in progress
-Complete Medicines Management workbook/e-learning, oxygen training workbook & IV workbook (for those who completed IV training as part of university course
-Have access to other competency packages relevant to your area
-Complete drug assessment once PIN registration has been confirmed
-Have access to our learning hub to monitor training

By your 2 month review

You will:
-Complete your local induction
-Reflect on progress made against objectives and document in preceptorship package

Within your first 3 months

You must have:
-Attended Clinical Workshops on a variety of topics including: Acute/chronic pain management, discharge planning, IV study day, tissue viability and wound management and nutrition
-Completed medical devices competency assessment

Within your first 6 months

You will:
-Complete your preceptorship package
-Identify progression regarding completion of IV and other competency packages
-Complete group clinical supervision and discuss arranging further one-to-one sessions
-Feel more established within the clinical team/area
-Develop action plan/further development

At the end of your preceptorship period

You will:
-Be a valuable member of the ward/department team
-Access to opportunities for continued professional development and/or prepare for link role within the department
-Complete reflective practice
-Complete appraisal
-Re register with professional body and prepare for revalidation in 2 years
-Register for NMC Online – a secure service which allows you to manage your registration online