Specialist Diabetes Nurse


I’ve been working as a Specialist Diabetes Nurse here in Derby since February – and I love it! I started out in Derby after I qualified, and worked in a number of other Trusts and in the community before choosing to return here this year.

The role is fairly evenly split between spending time seeing patients on the wards and working in specialist clinics, so I have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of patients and environments. The number of patients being diagnosed with diabetes is rising, so it’s good to have the chance to see a wide range of patients. On a day to day basis we work with patients to help them manage their conditions, and support registered nurses working with diabetes patients with blood glucose monitoring and helping patients learn about their condition through diet education and improving insulin injecting technique.

I feel like I’ve come a long way since I arrived. The team has been fantastic, and I feel I’ve had all the support I need to progress in the role. They’ve helped me to develop confidence in my own abilities, while always providing a wider base of knowledge when I need it. We also have a great bunch of consultants, who are really helpful. I felt at home as soon as I walked into the team.

The opportunity to join the team as a Band 5 nurse is fantastic, as it helps staff to develop the knowledge and skills they need to work with the growing number of patients who have diabetes. By supporting colleagues working at Band 6 and 7, nurses working in this role will have the chance to learn the necessary specialist skills to provide the best care for our patients and progress in their careers.