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Our theatre teams work a 24/7 service to keep patients safe and have a real impact on their lives. Our last patient survey indicated that 93% would recommend us to a friend or family member.

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There are a number roles found providing patient care in the operating theatre. These include:

Operating Department Practitioners (ODP)
ODPs are specifically trained to provide care in the perioperative environment where patients are treated and procedures are carried. They can support or manage the team for elective or emergency surgery and are therefore scrubbed to provide assistance to the operating surgeon. ODPs also work closely with the anaesthetic doctors and can also work in the post op recovery unit. ODPs are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC), allied to healthcare practice. Upon qualification ODPs start at Agenda for Change Band 5 pay grade.Training is currently a BSc(Hons) Operating Department Practice at Sheffield Hallam University in partnership with Derby for practice placements.

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Did you know?
Derby Teaching Hospitals has 36 theatres with planned expansion employing over 350 staff.

Theatre and Recovery Nurses
Theatre nurses are commonly scrubbed to provide skilled assistance to the operating surgeon and are registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC). Theatre nurses apply for theatre vacancies
after completing their BSc(Hons) Nursing.

Theatre nurses can support or manage the team for elective or emergency surgery and many theatre nurses work in the recovery unit. Both ODPs, Recovery & Theatre Nurses are called Theatre Practitioners at Derby Teaching Hospitals.

Did you know?
There is a surgical robot in Derby Teaching Hospitals theatres.

Assistant Theatre Practitioner (ATP)
ATPs are Health Care Support Workers (HCSW) who have carried further on the job training at Foundation Degree level to provide assistance to the surgeons. They are employed to support the ODPs and theatre nurses largely for scrubbing up to help during surgical procedures and act as a knowledgeable circulating assistant. Usually, they have been appointed from being identified as an excellent Healthcare Assistant (HCA) when a position becomes available.

Healthcare Assistant (HCA)
HCAs are employed to provide a vital role in supporting patient care during surgical procedures. Usually, they act as a circulating assistant and carry out all the tasks that help keep patients safe. Like all the other roles described above, they work as part of the team to help the patients before, during or after a surgical procedure. Infection control and patient care are fundamental skills that are learned on the job supported by a Qualification Credit Framework (QCF).

Clinical Healthcare Apprentice
As a Clinical Healthcare Apprentice in theatres you will be supported to gain the skills required to be part of the theatre team, preparing you for future employment and career progression within the health sector. Duties will include supporting patient care during surgical procedures and assisting healthcare professionals with clinical tasks.