Accident and Emergency | Consultant in Emergency Medicine


What is your role?
“I am an emergency medicine consultant and I’m one of a team of both adult and paediatric consultants; I work as a doctor in both adult and children’s A&E here at the Royal Derby Hospital.

“In my opinion, emergency medicine is the best speciality to be found anywhere in the hospital. It suits me because I’m a very practical thinker, I have a very short attention span and it’s what gives me a buzz, having to think and react very quickly to changing situations in A&E.

Why did you want to do this job?
“I have a unique relationship with all the patients I look after. If you were to come into A&E, and I was to treat you, you may be a patient in pain, you have suffered an horrendous injury or be dying, and I have 45 seconds to win your trust, to reassure you and to calmly assess the situation.

“There is an immediacy to emergency medicine which I love, I need to exude confidence, not arrogance, and I need to inspire the whole team around me to calmly go about their business giving care in a way that inspires confidence for the patient and reassures them and their loved ones.

What do you like particularly about Derby Teaching Hospitals?
“In Derby, in the emergency department, we have developed what’s know colloquially as ‘the Derby way’. I can’t put my finger on it but it’s an ethos, a way of doing things, it’s about expectations of behaviour, about mutual respect within the team, where we support one another in what can often be a stressful environment given the nature of our jobs.

We give pastoral care to our junior doctors, to support and guide them, as leaders I think it’s really important that we set the right tone, that we lead by example and that’s always my aim.

The award we won recently for excellence in emergency care from CHKS was recognition of this and I feel very proud of the service we’ve developed here in our emergency departments in Derby.”

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Alternatively, you can watch the following video to find out more about training in Emergency Medicine at Derby Teaching Hospitals.

Why did you decide to take part in the programme?
“I wasn’t at all sure about taking part at first, the thought of having someone filming me was quite off-putting if I’m honest but I decided to do it because I wanted to help raise the profile of my speciality. I wanted to be able, alongside my colleagues in A&E, to show the public exactly what we do and just what we’re capable of in emergency medicine.

“What we do in A&E is absolutely amazing and I want young doctors to be able to see that. I also think the series will give all our staff a great morale boost, it will be good for their spirits.

How was it working with the camera and crew?
“The crew were lovely to work with, they were genuinely interested in what we do in A&E, but I quickly forgot that they were there, it was so busy whilst they were filming that I had to concentrate on the patient in front of me and the crew quickly developed a kind of telepathy with me.

“They knew when to stand back as I treated a patient and when to move forward, one look from me was enough for them to pick up on what was unfolding at that moment in such a busy environment.

“They found some moments quite difficult – for example if I was dealing with a poorly child. One of the crew became queasy at one point as they were filming me cleaning out a patient’s wound. And on occasion, the crew became tearful, they found some moments emotionally draining.”

How do you think viewers will react to the programme – especially the parts you appear in?
I really hope that people will see what we, as a whole team in A&E, are capable of and I hope it’ll also give viewers an insight into what goes on in a busy emergency department and understand how important it is to only use A&E in real emergencies.”

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