I chose to start a career as a HCA at Derby Private Health to gain more confidence and encounter new experiences as we cover a number of specialties to treat our patients and I love learning new skills. We cover all aspects of the patient journey from initial consultations and caring for patients during their time on the ward, as well as follow-up consultations.

I enjoy coming to work as no two days are the same. The ward is a welcoming and calm environment and it helps aid patient recovery, and I get to spend time with our patients to make sure that they are comfortable and happy. We work hard as a team and we are always striving to give patients our best possible care.

During my time at Derby Private Health, I have gained a Level 2 diploma and I’m currently half way through my Level 3, and I’ve found that the staff here will support you in every aspect of the role. They will encourage you to try to learn new skills and gain experience, as well as to fulfil your training needs to ensure that you become the best that you can be.

I am always happy to talk about what we do on the ward and I am willing to show everyone that wishes to see what we do and to gain an understanding of Derby Private Health and what we cover.

About Derby Private Health

Derby Private Health is the private healthcare unit at the Royal Derby Hospital. Run in partnership with Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust all profits are invested back into NHS services, improving healthcare for everyone. Find out more about Derby Private Health.

Derby Private Health are Recruiting Registered Nurses Now!
If you’re competent in the care of the postoperative surgical patient or have experience of an acute medical or oncology ward, we want to hear from you
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