Senior Supervisory Radiographer


What is your role?
“I am a senior supervisory radiographer and also the cardiac lead in radiography. I help produce high quality x-rays as they are requested by clinicians throughout the department and outside the hospital, in the community, from GP surgeries and so on.

“It is a 24-hour service because we work closely with the A&E department. Each day we will undertake up to 600 x-rays, along side CT scans, MRI scans and fluoroscopy screening.

“In my role as cardiac lead I help train radiographers to work in a 24-hour service taking x-rays of people who have had cardiac problems, like heart attacks.”

Why did you want to do this job?
“I love the challenge; every patient is different. Even though we have a standard way of carrying out x-rays we can’t always follow this; each case is different and a fresh problem to solve. It is very satisfying to be able to provide an answer, to say a diagnosis is one thing or the other.

“That’s what makes a good radiographer, being able to give quick and effective answers to a doctor’s questions. You need to be a good team player but have the drive to work on your own at something, too.”

What do you like particularly about Derby Teaching Hospitals?
“Within our department at Derby, we are a close-knit group and I like being part of that. As a hospital, the Royal Derby has the best of both worlds: we pick up a lot of trauma work, a lot of work with A&E but also a lot of tertiary specialist work, with our Pulvertaft Hand Centre and renal services.

“Radiography is expanding rapidly, particularly in Derby. It is an area which will only get bigger in years to come as scans get better and quicker and the number of patients increases. There will be more and more opportunities in the hospital and out around the community.”