Newly Qualified Nurse


As part of my nurse training I completed a 12 week management placement on Kings Lodge (Ward 3) at London Road Community Hospital. I completed a number of placements within the trust throughout my training but this one really stood out and I particularly enjoyed learning the role of a rehab nurse and felt supported by staff throughout. This positive experience encouraged me to join the team when I qualified as a Registered Nurse in September 2016.

The knowledge and support I gained from my time on Kings Lodge as a student made the transition from Student Nurse into Registered Nurse role a lot easier!

As a newly qualified nurse I’m also supported by the Trust Preceptorship Programme – a 12 month development programme to ensure I get the most out of my first year as a Registered Nurse. At the start of the programme I created a personal development action plan and I am able to access opportunities to visit and work alongside a range of different professions involved in the MDT work on Kings Lodge.

Since joining the team my focus has been on gaining experience and understanding of my role as a rehab nurse. I have also been involved in patient meetings, MDTs and complex discharge planning. It’s sometimes been a little scary getting involved in such a variety of tasks but with the support of an MDT team I am able to face this with successful outcomes.

Within the first three months, I have been included in patient meetings, MDTs, complex discharge planning, the role of rehab nurse and key working patients. This was a scary concept, but with the support of an MDT team, I was able to face this and carry out the process successfully.

I am enjoying my time on Kings Lodge feel like I have developed skills that will be beneficial throughout my career.

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