Assistant Practitioner


Hello, my name is Matt Bowley and I work as an Assistant Practitioner on Ward 206 at the Royal Derby Hospital.

I’ll be working the morning shift on Christmas Day this year and will be doing my best to make the ward as inviting as possible for all of the patients with us for their operation. It’s tough for patients to be in hospital away from their families, especially over Christmas, so we all try to make things as Christmassy as possible.

For us, Christmas is another working day but we try to make it special for our patients by having a sing song with them and bringing some festive spirit to the ward. No patient wants to be in hospital on Christmas Day, so it’s great to be able to make the best of a bad situation and it’s really fulfilling to make someone’s day a little better.

I always try to be considerate of my colleagues by putting my name down for Christmas. It is not usually too busy, compared to the gap between Christmas and the New Year, which means you get to spend more time with your patients. To be honest, the day flies by and it never really feels like you’ve done a proper shift!

Someone had to be here to care for our patients. If someone from my family was in hospital at this time of year, I’d want someone to be there to help look after them. It is really rewarding and this job is the only thing that I’ve ever thought about doing. I’ve got two sisters who were both nurses, so it’s in my blood.