What is your role?
“I am a receptionist in the Cardiac Catheter Suite, where we see patients with heart problems. Within the department, there is the pacing clinic, where people with pace makers go to have regular check-ups. There is the tilt table clinic, where people who feel dizzy or feint are examined, there are people coming for angiograms, where they are given x-rays to check their arteries and we also have emergency patients having heart attacks.

“It’s my job to greet all these patients coming in, to check them in on the computer system and to see them afterwards, updating records and so on.

“To be a good receptionist here you need to be able to talk to people, be friendly, make them feel welcome despite their nerves. You need to be organised – if you are, you’ll be on top of the work.”

Why did you want to do this job?
“I like people and every week we get around 100 people come into the department. They’ve all got problems with their heart so some people, if they’ve not been in before come in and they are very anxious, nervous. I talk to them, chat with them as I take them where they need to go and I tell them that they’ll be walking past me before they know it, on their way out.

“Or you get people who have had a heart attack out in the community, they come in and their lives have been saved. They come out with a smile on their faces and that gives you so much satisfaction to see.

“You get people coming to the pacing clinic who have been coming for years; you really get to know the regulars and that is a really enjoyable part of the job.”

What do you like particularly about Derby Teaching Hospitals?
“I love it here, I always have. We’re busy here and I like that. I have been in the NHS for 23 years and it is such a fulfilling career I’ve had. I have seen so many changes come in and in Derby I’m made to feel so welcome, so essential to the department. It’s a lovely place to work, people are so friendly.”

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