Registered Nurse


Hi, my name is Laura Flint and I will be working at the Royal Derby Hospital on Christmas Day.

I’m a Registered Nurse based on Ward 206, which cares for patients who’ve had elective Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery. I’ve worked here at Derby Teaching Hospitals for 11 years and this will be the 5th Christmas I’ve worked during that time.

I’ll be working the morning shift from 7am-1.30pm on Christmas Day, which I don’t mind at all, as I can then have the afternoon to have my Christmas dinner and enjoy the day with my two children.

It’s actually really nice to work on Christmas Day, as it’s usually quite quiet and there’s a much more relaxed atmosphere. We try to discharge all patients that are ready to leave hospital back to their own homes before Christmas. It can be really tough for those that haven’t been discharged however, so we try to decorate the ward to make it look as festive as possible. We also bring in presents for the patients and have a Christmas meal to try and make a bad situation a little bit better.

I love my job, so I really don’t mind working Christmas morning, although my children do moan about having to wait to open their presents!