Specialist Diabetes Nurse


I’ve always been interested in diabetes, so when the opportunity to become a specialist nurse arose I jumped at the chance.  I find the job incredibly rewarding, as we’re able to support our patients both in the hospital and in a community setting. It’s about supporting the patients holistically to help them meet their goals and explore how changes in their lives impact their diabetes.

We work closely with the Multidisciplinary team to do that, responding to referrals made by ward and department staff. It can be when a patient is unwell because of their diabetes, and we need to advise on insulin regimes, or many other things. Another important part of the role is educating patients about their condition and how to manage it, including using insulin, hypoglycaemia, testing their blood sugars and learning when to seek help if they are unwell. This is my favourite part of the role, as I enjoy knowing I have helped to advise the patient and teach them something which will keep them safe once they have been discharged.

I’ve been working in the role since April, and I’m really enjoying it. Everyone has been so welcoming, and I feel supported to learn and develop as my career progresses. I’m really interested to see where the treatment and diagnosis of diabetes goes in the future and I think Derby is a great place to do that.