Specialist Renal Dietician


I’m a specialist dietitian in the Department of Renal Medicine, working with patients who have chronic kidney disease and acute kidney injury. Many of my patients are on dialysis, and it’s incredibly important that their diet is controlled. It’s important that I have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the individual ways the condition affects each patient I see.

My role is to provide appropriate, evidence-based dietary advice for each patient I look after, by looking at biochemistry, their medical condition, current dietary intake, and drug treatment to devise an appropriate individual dietary plan.

We work as part of the multidisciplinary team, especially the consultant nephrologists and dialysis nurses to assess patients’ needs and make sure they are following the correct diet and taking appropriate medication. We work closely with families and carers to provide any additional support which may be needed. It’s really important to include the family in assessments – they often need support as well.

We assess patients in a number of ways, from looking at how well they are eating, to looking at their blood results and identifying changes in medication which may help to improve these. It’s such an individual process and we provide patient-centred goals for each person we see.

Many patients are on dialysis for a number of years and I love the way we are able to really get to know them well during this time. It means we are able to build a rapport, gain trust and achieve successful outcomes. I also love the close working relationship with the multidisciplinary team, especially the nephrologists, and that we are a valued and respected part of the team. So many of our patients have stories to share, and I feel very honoured to be part of their journey – even in a small way.

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