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I started working at the hospital in September, after completing my nursing degree with the University of Nottingham. I’d worked on Ward 204 during my placements, and knew I wanted to come back to Trauma and Orthopaedics, and particularly this ward.

Being a nurse is everything I hoped it would be, and I love it. I knew I would. My mum is a nurse and I had spent time in the hospital as an HCA on the bank, so I had a lot of experience and knew what to expect.

One of the reasons I chose Derby was because it has always been so supportive. The staff are nice and friendly, and they help you through your training. The preceptorship programme for newly-qualified nurses is very progressive, and the senior staff help you a lot. They’re very supportive in terms of your professional development.

For me, the average day begins with washing patients and then taking part in the medication round. We have care plans for each patient which we put in place to make sure they receive the care that is right for them. It can be frightening when you’re faced with a new situation where a patient is in danger, but it’s made a lot easier because we have such a supportive team here.

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