Corporate Lead for Advanced Practice


Hello my name is Clare and I am Corporate Lead for Advanced Practice at Derby Teaching Hospitals, however I am currently seconded 3 days a week to work alongside NHS improvement to help implement the ACP role in organisations throughout England.

I also support the ACP development throughout the Trust and the county to meet our future workforce requirements. My role also involves liaising with outside organisations that facilitate the development of the role such as the university, Health Education England and the royal colleges.

The trust is currently supporting a pilot scheme to facilitate making improving junior doctors who are training to be surgeons. To enable this to happen we need to enable them to spend more time in theatre and it is recognised that our ACPs can help them achieve this by ensuring our patients have on-going care whilst still patients on the wards. I work closely with the Royal College of Surgeons co-chairing a group who are supporting this pilot nationally.

I also work clinically 1 day a week which is the part of the job I love the most. I also work for the out of hours provider doing home visits 1-2 days a month which enables me to have some idea of what practice is like outside of the hospital setting. Working for the out of hours team helps me in my role as chair of the Derbyshire ACP group which works to set a standard for ACPS across the county and brings all organisations together for a common goal – the provision of high quality practitioners able to deliver the care put patients need.