Shift Working Pharmacy Technician


I’ve been working at Derby Teaching Hospitals for two and a half years, and started this job a year and a half ago. I came here following a couple of years at a much smaller hospital as I was ready for a new challenge in a bigger Trust.

My interest in pharmacy started several years ago. I worked at Lloyds Pharmacy when I finished school, but after a while I wanted to do something more varied. I applied to do my dispensing course and then my technician course and now I work in a rotational technician role.

There are seven separate shifts corresponding with seven rotations. We also work two weekends in seven. You cover all of these during each seven-week rotation, moving around different areas of the hospital including the oncology satellite and the dispensary which handles TTOs for patients. If we’re working out of hours, we’re always based in the hospital’s main dispensary. We dispense and final check discharge TTOs, as well as those for inpatients and outpatients and make up the medications in the aseptic unit.

I like working in Derby because it’s a very progressive hospital. I also love the variety in my role, and I like working shifts. It’s busy and fast-paced, but it’s a great challenge. I think if you’re confident in your work, a role like this will help you build on that. You’ll also develop a lot of new skills, including trouble-shooting, problem-solving and leadership skills, as if you’re on the early shift you’re the coordinator for the whole dispensary.

We’re recruiting Shift Working Pharmacy Technicians now!

Are you seeking a change? Would you like to progress to a more senior role whilst rotating through a variety of pharmacy areas? If you would like to maintain and develop your pharmacy and leadership skills but aren’t ready to specialise in one area then this could be the job for you!
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