Theatre Practitioner


What is your role?
“I work with the anaesthetics team during orthopaedic operations on patients I work in theatre to help monitor patients, making sure they are getting the right levels of anaesthetic throughout their procedure.

“My day usually starts about 8am when we get the list of patients due for operations. I’ll then check the anaesthetic machines and set up the anaesthetics room.

“During an operation, I am in theatre for hours at a time, monitoring a patient’s blood pressure and heart rate, along with their oxygen saturation level, letting the anaesthetist know if there is any change.”

Why did you want to do this job?

“There is a lot of variety. Each patient is different so each day is different. I like working with so many people, as part of the team. I think because of the nature of our work – a lot of concentration, important work – it is really important to be able to relax and have a bit of a laugh because no one works well when they’re stressed and tense. So we make each other laugh and enjoy what we do and that in turn makes it easier for us to do a really good job.

“It’s exciting being part of something which has a real impact on people’s lives.”

What do you like particularly about Derby Teaching Hospitals?
“I had been looking to work in Derby since the Royal Derby Hospital opened. It’s a big, new, clean place and I knew they would be doing a lot of operations so I would be challenged.

“There are a lot of options to develop in theatre. You can do the surgery side of things, helping in operations. But you can also work in recovery and a few other areas.

“The surgeons we work with are lovely. They are approachable and easy to talk to in theatre. Communication is encouraged because it is so necessary.”

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