Apprentices | Clinical Healthcare Assistant


Beth is currently studying for a Level 2 Diploma as Clinical Healthcare Assistant (HCA) within Gynaecology Theatres, supported by Derby College.

Beth says: “I chose an apprenticeship because not only do you get knowledge from working in the area, but you also get a qualification at the end of the one year, which will help you if you wanted to go to university in the near future. Not only that but you also get paid. The NHS offer one of the best apprenticeship wages at roughly £5.50 an hour.

I absolutely love my job, working within theatres is something I enjoy as every day is different, the staff are lovely and the patients are lovely as well.

My daily role as a HCA is mainly circulating within theatres, this includes preparing and setting up for surgeries and also making sure that the scrub nurse has everything they need. We also work on reception, so checking patients in and putting monitoring devices on them and making sure they’re fit for surgery.

Doing an apprenticeship has enhanced my knowledge of working in a clinical environment, as my previous job was completely different. I used to work in a call centre, so coming into a healthcare setting was completely different for me. I am also getting a qualification at the end of my one year too, which will help me in years to come if I want to progress. And the money is really good!

“I’d recommend it to others because you’re getting paid whilst you learn, and it just goes to show if you’re keen to learn, it doesn’t matter what background you come from, it has also opened my eyes in regards to what I want to do in the future, I have benefited a lot from this job and the main thing is I enjoy it! In the future I could go on to do a Level 3 apprenticeship in the Peri Operative Pathway within Theatres. I  could follow that with training to become an Assistant Practitioner, which I would really love to do.”