Trainee Nursing Associate


I’m a trainee Nursing Associate on Ward 205. I started the role in January after working as an HCA on the ward. I decided to make the change as I wanted to progress both professionally and personally. It’s nice to think I’m working towards a qualification which will benefit the ward.

My role is supernumerary when possible, which means I have the opportunity to learn and observe while working. I do a lot of different things, for example, under the supervision of a registered nurse I run a team doing paperwork, I deal with patients coming back from theatres, write up their care plans, and if patients become poorly I inform their doctors.

I love the role, it’s great to have more responsibility. I’m able to catheterise patients now, for example. It makes me feel proud, as I come from a family of nurses and I’ve always wanted to do this.

I worked in the community before, and arrived in the Trust from a nursing home background. This ward specialises in fractured hips, and most of our patients are over 65. Many of them are living with dementia. It’s an area I love working in.

I love working on 205, because we’re more than just colleagues. We’re not just a team, we’re a family.