Admin Assistant in Corporate Nursing


Alice Nixon, 21, is now an Admin Assistant in Corporate Nursing, having started as an apprentice. After leaving school Alice began her training as an HCA, but moved on to a level two apprenticeship in business administration. Alice is continuing to develop her skills and knowledge, and is now studying for a level 3 Business and Admin qualification.

Alice said: “I would recommend being an apprentice to anyone, it’s a good step on the ladder and a great way to develop your skills and career, while learning. Through apprenticeships the Trust can mould staff into the employees they want so that when they get into permanent roles they have the right outlook and experience.”

Alice has recently been nominated for the Health Education England Apprentice of the Year award for her high quality, reliable work. She said “I was really proud to hear I’d been nominated.”

Alice now splits her time between two offices, Tissue Viability and Corporate Nursing, and is a buddy for a new apprentice. She said: “I really enjoy the increasing amount of responsibility in my job role. I chose to work for the NHS because I wanted to contribute to the wellbeing of patients. Although I began my training as an HCA and changed to business admin I really feel that I can still contribute to others in my new role, and I also have an added insight into what happens on wards”