The security department ensures the safety and security of Derby’s two hospital sites and the staff working within them.

They respond to calls made by staff members, through panic buttons and make regular patrols throughout the sites. There are more than 20 staff, divided into teams of three.  On each shift, two team members will be actively responding to calls and going out on patrol, while the third monitors CCTV coverage.

The department operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on site at all times.

There are more than 200 CCTV cameras across the Royal Derby Hospital site alone and each day, the security team respond to around 30 different calls. Staff are trained in conflict resolution techniques, taught by police officers and can, when appropriate, escort people from the site.

The team works closely with local police to ensure a rapid response of officers are required on site.

Through regular patrols, security staff maintain high visibility, reassuring staff and patients. Derby Teaching Hospitals has a no smoking policy on site and security staff ensure this is maintained where possible. Door access across the sites is swipe-card controlled in the main, and security staff lock and unlock other doors as required and overnight.

Along with conflict resolution training, staff are also given dementia and mental health training to be able to respond to calls involving distressed or vulnerable patients. They also train staff to observe signs of possible conflict or aggressive behaviour in patients or visitors to prevent situations from escalation.