Derby Teaching Hospital’s maternity department is focused on helping women through their pregnancy, giving support, advice and clinical help at every step of the way.

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The maternity services include midwifery & obstetric care. The department supports women and their families through the pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period between 10-28 days postnatally. Community midwives are community based at GP surgeries/clinics & Childrens centres.

Each year more than 6,000 babies are born in the department, with the average in 2014/15 being 17 a day. There are 279 midwives working throughout the department and 11 consultants specialising in maternity care.

Patients may choose to have their baby at home, or in the hospital: the maternity staff can offer support in both cases.

For those choosing a home birth, there is a midwife on-call 24hrs a day, who can be contacted when going into labour and who will then stay with patients throughout the birth.

Those who wish to give birth at the hospital can take advantage of the Derby Birth Centre, which opened in 2014. This midwife-led centre consists of four en-suite rooms and a water birth room. It offers a ‘home from home’ experience, to enable patients to have the comforts of a home birth with the added reassurance of being in a hospital. All rooms have sensory lighting, calming music and soft furnishings, complete with swinging crib ready for the new arrival.

Our Maternity Service is the only service in the UK to have maintained UNICEF WHO Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative consistently since 1998, which demonstrates us as giving a high level of support in infant feeding and achieving high breast feeding rates.

What our patients say

“Everyone was lovely and attentive. The care given was brilliant and I felt safe throughout labour.”

“The care that I was given on labour ward was outstanding. I felt very supported and cared for.”

International Day of the Midwife

We took the opportunity to celebrate our Maternity service on International Day of the Midwife 2017. Here we talk to staff to find out more about their roles and offer some tips for expectant parents and those who have just welcomed a new arrival.

  • Today is International Day of the Midwife and we’re taking the opportunity to tell you more about our services and meet our staff
  • Our Labour Ward,   Derby Birth Centre, post-natal ward and Community teams all help our mums have a great pregnancy and birth.
  • Did you know we deliver an average of 17 babies every day? That’s more than 6,000 births every year! #IDM2017
  • Did you know we deliver an average of 17 babies every day? That’s 6,000 births every year!
  • Our community midwives look after 8,000 women a year.
  • We have 279 midwives working in our Maternity service, including in the community. We’re so lucky to have a great team.
  • I’m senior clinical midwife Sarah, and I look after our post-natal ward.
  • I’ve been nursing since 1983 and became a midwife a few years later. I’ve been here since then, and I love my job. #IDM2017
  • I enjoy knowing I can make a difference to people at such an important time, and giving them confidence as they go home.
  • I’m Claire, and I’m a fetal medicine midwife. I look after mums with complex or high risk pregnancies. #IDM2017
  • We see ladies with complicated pregnancies, complete diagnostic testing and offer counselling for high risk pregnancies. ##IDM2017
  • I love the variety, and the fact we get to know our women really well. We provide good continuity of care here. #IDM2017
  • No new babies have been admitted to NICU for being too cold since December, thanks to our coloured hats scheme.
  • I’m Kristen, Professional Development Advisor for Maternity. I teach and develop staff so they’re practising safely and effectively #IDM2017
  • Today we’re running a study day based on guidance from the ‘Saving Babies’ Lives’ report. We’re really proud of the event. #IDM2017
  • I run our nationally-recognised Preceptorship Programme. I love seeing newly-qualified Midwives develop. We’re all one big family! #IDM2017
  • I absolutely love my job. For me, it’s the proudest thing in the world to be able to say ‘I’m a Midwife’. #IDM2017
  • I’m Sanaria, one of the obstetric consultants, and I look after women with complex or high risk pregnancies. #IDM2017
  • I always knew I wanted to be an obstetrician – it’s why I went to medical school. #IDM2017
  • It’s a very rewarding job, and immensely enjoyable when the outcome is good. #IDM2017
  • Have you had a baby at Derby recently? Let us know how you found our service here:
  • I’m a community midwife and my name is Jackie. I’ve been a midwife for 28 years and I absolutely love it. #IDM2017
  • I’m based at a GP surgery, where I hold ante-natal clinics and provide support and advice for women. We also support home birth.
  • I enjoy getting to know women and their families and supporting them at a special time in their lives #IDM2017
  • I’m Rachel, a clinical specialist midwife in newborn screening. I make sure babies have a physical exam within 72 hours of birth.
  • I also oversee hearing screening, which happens within 2 weeks of birth, and support staff to learn screening skills. #IDM2017
  • I’m the Trust’s @MidwivesRCM rep, and I support staff with issues and share information from the Trust board. #IDM2017
  • I’m Jane, Head of Midwifery at the Trust. I’m proud to lead our Midwifery service here. #IDM2017
  • We shape our services around the needs of women and their families, to provide the right care in Derby. #IDM2017
  • An essential part of my role is being a voice for the safe care of women and babies. It’s so important. #IDM2017
  • If your baby is unwell shortly after birth, please contact us so we can help and advise you as quickly as possible. #IDM2017
  • I’m Lynda, a Maternity Support Worker on our post-natal ward. I’ve been here for 18 years. We have a great team! #IDM2017
  • I look after the ladies and help and advise them with their babies. I also take blood tests and offer practical support.#IDM2017
  • My job is different every day, and I love working with the mums and babies. #IDM2017
  • It’s really important to make sure you’re vaccinated during pregnancy. Ask your GP about jabs for flu and whooping cough.
  • Contact our Pregnancy Assessment Unit straight away on 01332 785796 if you notice a change in baby’s movement pattern.
  • Have you considered using the pool for labour and delivery? We have them in the Derby Birth Centre and Labour Ward. #IDM2017
  • It’s teatime! Remember it’s a myth that pregnant women should eat for two – just eat for you! #IDM2017
  • Did you know about our home birth service? Share your story if you were supported by our midwives to have your baby at home.
  • We have five community midwifery teams who provide antenatal and postnatal care, parent education and supporting home births.
  • I’m Karen, and I look after the 30 staff in our Devonshire Community team. #IDM2017
  • I make sure our women are well looked after and have the best experience they can during pregnancy. #IDM2017
  • It’s important to make sure we have the right midwife in the right place and staff are supported to do the best they can for women.
  • It’s #Dadshour in our Maternity tweetathon! Dads, talk to your baby before they arrive so you start bonding early. #IDM2017
  • Support your partner in birth, take snacks, drinks and get rubbing that back! #IDM2017 #Dadshour
  • Skin to skin contact is so important for dads after birth. It’s also a fantastic experience for you and your baby. #IDM2017#Dadshour
  • If you have concerns from 20 weeks to delivery you can contact our 24-hour Pregnancy Assessment Unit on 01332 78579.
  • We’re currently developing a new virtual tour of our Maternity department. Watch this space to see when it’s ready! #IDM2017
  • I’m Maddy, I’ve been a qualified midwife for 14 years and I work as Labour Ward coordinator. I’m working a night shift today.
  • Our women are strong, courageous, powerful and never cease to amaze me during their unique birth experience. #IDM2017
  • You can never predict a shift, but no doubt tonight’s will be interesting, challenging and rewarding. I love my job! #IDM2017
  • Having trouble sleeping? Try using a pillow at support to balance your bump, or keep you upright and comfortable. #IDM2017
  • Look after yourself when pregnant by giving up smoking, cutting out alcohol and exercising regularly. #IDM2017
  • I’m Jane, a nurse who helps recover patients after C-sections. I’ve worked in recovery for over 20 years, and love this side of the role.
  • Our ladies are usually nervous and excited, so I try my best to reassure them and keep them informed. Birth partners also need support.
  • I try to make it a nice environment for our new babies. It’s a special time for parents and baby, and it’s a privilege to be part of that.
  • I’m Jo, and Derby Birth Centre, where ladies can have a safe, non-medical delivery in a home-from-home setting #IDM2017
  • I have a great team. We all look after each other to support mums through their deliveries. Medical help is close by if we need it.
  • My day officially starts very shortly, at 7am, when I speak to the Birth Centre midwives before starting the day in earnest.
  • One of the things we do is offer a birth options clinic for women considering natural birth after a C-section. #IDM2017
  • We all work together in Maternity to help families at this important time. It’s important that we support each other and the mums!