Combined Day Unit

The Combined Day Unit offers treatments for patients with cancers or blood disorders. Being a day case unit, patients are not admitted overnight but seen on the same day.

Many of the patients who visit the Combined Day Unit are regulars, making frequent visits for chemotherapy to treat solid tumours, leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or non-malignant haematological conditions (blood disorders and diseases).

The unit is divided into a triage area with 25 chairs and 12 sick bays and a clinic area where doctors see patients in scheduled appointments.

Within the unit, patients are able to under take a number of treatments, including:

  • Chemotherapy, targeted therapies, blood transfusions, iron infusions
  • Procedures such as bone marrow aspiration, venesection and PICC (peripheral insertion of central catheters) placing
  • Pre-treatment assessment clinics
  • Consultant and nurse led clinics
  • Triage for unwell patients receiving current treatment under the care of a consultant oncologist/haematologist

What our patients say

“Whether it is the receptionist, nurse, doctor all chemo staff were kind and caring did all they could under pressure. They are all a credit to Derby Teaching Hospitals.”

“From my first visit through my treatment so far, all staff involved from surgery to treatment have been excellent.”