Children’s Emergency Department

The Children’s Emergency Department provides urgent care for more than 31,000 children each year.

The department has five consultants present from 9am to 11pm every weekday and from 1pm to 11pm at weekends. They also have a rapid follow up clinic on weekday mornings.

There is also an Associate Specialist who shares his time between paediatrics and the adult department.

Children attending the department are seen by nurses and doctors with paediatric training.  The majority of these patients have a senior – usually consultant-led – review prior to leaving the department, and the emphasis within the department is on consultant-delivered care.

In 2014 a new children’s observation unit was created next to CED. This five-bed area was designed for youngsters who need observation for minor conditions but are unlikely to need admission. The result has been an 18% drop in admissions despite rising attendances, and better continuity of care and experience for parents and adults.

Patients seen in CED can be admitted to a ward for longer term observation, discharged home, or transferred for more appropriate specialist care at another hospital or in the community.

What our patients say

“Doctors and nurses were brilliant…all the staff are fantastic.”
“Doctor and nurse very friendly and made me feel very comfortable.”