Surgery & Orthopaedics

Surgery & Orthopaedics

Congratulations on graduating as a registered nurse and securing your first job within the Surgical & Orthopaedic Unit. This is where you will start learning specialist skills, consolidate previous learning and gain confidence in your abilities as an independent healthcare professional.

In your role as an independent nurse, you will have the opportunity to learn something new every day. Remember this is a different relationship than that of a student with a mentor. Completion of this package provides evidence for personal and professional portfolios, and provides a foundation on which to develop. The following documents will help you to focus your development and support your Revalidation with the NMC in 3 years’ time

  1. Trust Newly Qualified Interprofessional Preceptorship Package
  2. Surgery & Orthopaedic Registered Nurse development Document
  3. Medicines Management – Drug assessment and Medicines CD and Calculations work book/e learning

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Welcome to the team and don’t hesitate to contact the professional development team if you need anything else.

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Surgery – Clinical Departments

Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU)
SAU has 6 assessment rooms and 24 ward beds; the department cares for a wide variety of surgical patients. Patients will be referred to the unit via their GP or A&E. We work in partnership with a vast array of medical disciplines all caring for the well-being of patient’s, facilitating emergency theatre and acute emergency care. We work closely with the surgical wards to deliver high quality, patient focussed; evidence based clinical care. It is an excellent place to learn new skills and build on existing ones, while finding your feet! You will feel fully supported along the way while building on your surgical clinical skill set.

Ward 307 – Head & Neck Surgery
307 specialises in everything head and neck, it has 20 in-patient beds and a treatment room for emergency triage. As a head a neck ward they provide a broad and comprehensive range of general ENT and max-fax services, including complex head and neck procedures, thyroid and parathyroid surgery, ear surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery and rhinoplasty. We also provide post-operative care for emergency max-fax surgery such as, fractured mandible. They care for any inpatient ophthalmology cases that come in through A&E and often have general surgical patients too. You can learn a wide variety of surgical skills including the specialist skill of tracheostomy care. The team are friendly and welcoming and offer great learning opportunities. Many of the major cases use all multidisciplinary members and therefore we offer the opportunity to work closely with SALT, dieticians, head and neck nurse specialists, critical care outreach. You will participate in the MDT meeting to facilitate best care using evidence based practise. The skills you will gain will be invaluable to see you through your Nursing career.

Ward 308 – Vascular Surgery
The Vascular ward offers treatment for the full range of arterial, venous and lymphatic diseases. This includes carotid artery surgery, aneurysms of the abdominal aorta, peripheral arterial disease, Ischaemic limbs, varicose veins. With 28 inpatient beds the learning opportunities are endless, seeing a broad spectrum of patients. Many Nurses who work on the vascular ward take the opportunity to specialise in the area. The ward staff work very closely with all members of the multidisciplinary team including, vascular specialist Nurses, tissue viability Nurses and critical care outreach providing limitless learning opportunities enabling a vast skill set to be built on.

Ward 309 – Upper GI and Colorectal Surgery
The colorectal and upper GI ward provides an extensive surgical service for all aspects of colorectal and gastrointestinal disease including: Inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal cancer diagnoses and surgery, benign anorectal disease and stoma care. The multidisciplinary team comprises of physicians, oncologists, radiologists and two colorectal nurse specialists. The colorectal team is also supported by three stoma nurse specialists who provide teaching to staff and ongoing care and stoma advice to patients. The dynamic patient-centred team on 309 are devoted to their 28 patients providing an enhanced recovery programme, while delivering the highest quality evidence based care. As with any other surgical ward the multitude of patient’s that are treated on 308 are limitless. Comprehensive knowledge and experience can be gained here and easily transferred to other areas and specialities.

Ward 310 – Urology Surgery
The Urology department at Derby provides a comprehensive service to patients with urological conditions such as diseases of the kidneys, bladder, prostate, testes and urinary tract. Our consultant urologists undertake a range of surgical procedures for both cancer and benign diseases and are supported by the wider team comprising of oncologist, radiologists, specialty doctors, uro-oncology and continence nurse specialist teams. As part of the East Midlands Cancer Network many patients from other local hospitals will also have their surgical care provided by the urology team at here. The team on Ward 310 work in sync with the outpatient and day case operating facilities providing first class post-op care and rehabilitation. More complex operating is undertaken in the general operating suite, where specific theatres are designated to the urology service, the committed team takes great pride, using their specialist skill set to Nurse these patient’s back to health. There is also the opportunity to gain experience in emergency care and assessment in the Urology Assessment Unit, which has recently been re-established. In UAU you can consolidate any learning and find new interests to pursue.

Ward 311 – Emergency Surgery and Bariatric Surgery
A 28 bedded general surgical ward specializing in post-op bariatric surgery care. Over the past 10 years the regional Bariatric service in Derby has expanded and now offers patients with BMI≥50 choices of weight loss surgery. Patients with a BMI ≥35 are also accepted. Being such a specialist area of post-operative care ward 311 have become the experts, providing exemplary care and excellent results for their patients. Newly qualified nurses are embraced on our ward; we provide great support and learning opportunities. It’s a great area to consolidate your learning while being nurtured by our experienced Nurses. You will soon become an expert in post-operative care gaining new skills you can take with you through your nursing career.

Orthopaedics – Clinical Departments

Ward 203 – Spinal Surgery
Prompt and correct diagnosis and management of Spinal Injury and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) is vital to reduce the incidence of secondary risk/injury/complications and ensure the patient has the optimum opportunity to make the best recovery possible following the injury. The full range of patient management and care practices associated with patient’s following a SCI are skilfully delivered on this 28 bedded ward. You will learn specialist spinal care and caring techniques through regular teaching sessions. Splint fitting and application is high on their agenda working closely with occupational and physiotherapist. Our spinal ward is affiliated with Sheffield, The Princess Royal Spinal Injuries Centre is a unit providing comprehensive Spinal Cord Injuries services for patients, with facilities for acute, rehabilitation and continuing care. 203 provide care and management for elective spinal surgery patients too, for example spinal decompression.

Ward 204 – Trauma
A busy 28 bedded trauma admissions and assessment ward. The ward operates a two team system. A stabilisation team for patient admission and assessment which includes patients who are both pre and post-operative who require close observation and monitoring. A rehabilitation team includes patients who are nearing or working towards a discharge date to home, further rehabilitation or temporary/permanent residential/ nursing home placement.

Ward 205 – Fractured Neck of Femur Unit
Ward 205 is a 27 bed dedicated fractured neck of femur ward with 1 OAU room used for patients from ED who are awaiting review to admit which may take longer than 4 hrs. It is divided into 2 areas – TRU and admissions / recovery area consisting of 11 beds in 2 teams of 5 beds + OAU and 6 Beds. Patients are admitted here, stabilised for theatre, recovered, then when medically able moved to Rehab. Rehab consisting of 17 beds in 2 teams of 8- The purpose of Rehab is to facilitate an appropriate discharge either home, to a community bed or sometimes to a care placement. Our patients have multiply co-morbidities so there is a great opportunity to develop your knowledge and expand on your clinical skills. We have strong links with our allied health professional and have daily orthogeriatrican ward round. We pride ourselves on achieving Best Practice Tariff for femoral Neck Fractures and last year 75% of eligible patients achieved this gold standard. Our average length of stay 10.1 days well below the national average of 15.3. This has been achieved by the introduction of a dedicated Discharge Co-ordinator who maintains continuity with the discharge process. We have planned team time out days to aid your development offering support via mentorship and a buddy system. We hold monthly memory cafes for patients and value everyone’s contribution to ensure we provide our patients and families with the best experience whilst in our care.

Ward 206 – Elective Orthopaedic Unit
Ward 206 is a 28 bedded ward, who specialise in Elective Orthopaedic joint replacement surgery, where we provide post-operative care to patients following the Enhanced Recovery Programme. The ward is divided into two areas: ERU (Extended Recovery Unit) and Rehab. ERU consists of 11 beds where patients are recovered from theatre and monitored post operatively until they are medically stable to move to Rehab. Rehab consists of two teams making 17 beds, where patients are further progressed with their recovery and mobility with the view to discharge them either to their own home or to one of the Community Rehabilitation facilities. We also work closely with members of the Multidisciplinary Team to educate patients preoperatively about their surgery and manage their expectations in our very well received Enhanced Recovery classes. Ward 206 offers excellent and varied learning and development opportunities, we provide an in depth and supportive Preceptorship Package for newly qualified staff. We are a patient centred ward who pride ourselves in delivering high standards of quality care.