Short Stay Unit

Short Stay Unit

Congratulations on graduating as a Registered Nurse and securing your first job within the Short Stay Unit. This is where you will start learning practical skills, consolidate previous learning and gain confidence in your abilities as an independent healthcare professional.

In your role as an independent nurse, you will have the opportunity to learn something new every day. Remember this is a very different role to that of a student nurse.

Completion of a number of training packages will assist you in providing evidence for personal and professional portfolios, and provides a foundation on which to develop your skills.

The following documents will help you to focus your development and support your Revalidation with the NMC in 3 years’ time:

  1. Trust Newly Qualified Interprofessional Preceptorship Package
  2. IV 2nd check document
  3. Medicines Management Package– Drug assessment and Medicines CD and Calculations work book/e learning
  4. Completion of ECG, Cannulation and Venepuncture Packages
  5. Click here to find out more about managing your preceptorship.

Welcome to the Short Stay team and don’t hesitate to contact the Professional Development Team or the Ward Sisters if you need anything else.

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The Medicine Short Stay Unit at Derby is made up of two wards – Ward 216 and Ward 306 with input from a varied and experienced MDT team.

Ward 216

Ward 216 is a newly established, developing and dynamic unit with the capacity for a mix of 28 male and female patients admitted directly from MAU. These patients have varied and acute medical conditions. The average patient stay is 24 to 72 hours so it goes without saying the pace is fast, having an average of 10 discharges per day which will aid you in developing essential skills and knowledge of the discharge process and arranging care packages.

We have strong links with the Frail Elderly Assessment team as well as the discharge liaison team and community hospitals which, during your supernumery time on the ward, you are welcome to shadow. We are fortunate to have a team of doctors based on the ward at all times throughout the day and there is opportunity for you to rotate into MAU for experience of high volume admissions.

Our purpose is to be a short stay facility for patients needing overnight observation, awaiting scans or blood results etc. to remain until discharge (no longer than 48hrs).  However as in any hospital, due to bed demand and patient type, the length of stay can often vary, meaning a whole range of medical, nursing and social needs are required.  This provides, if utilised, an excellent chance to learn and develop new skills as well as enhancing existing ones.

The ward hold regular training sessions in our own training room and new staff are supported by an experienced training Sister and we are the proud owners of Individual Pride of Derby awards. We are currently working towards our Infection Control Accreditation and won the Tissue Viability Display of the Year in 2016!





Ward 306

Ward 306 is also a 28 bedded ward who take both male and female admissions direct from MAU and ED. The typical length of stay here is a little longer between 2-5 days and we admit the more acute medical patients. We have a team of dedicated multidisciplinary professionals to support patient discharge and you will be able to shadow them whilst you are supernumery. We have strong links with the imaging departments and so it is possible you would be able to shadow a patient journey to gain a better insight of their condition if you so wished. We have a programme of mandatory training which is supported by one of the ward Sisters to ensure you are kept up to date.

We have a large team of doctors based on the ward who will be happy to let you shadow a ward round and there is opportunity to develop skills in ECG, Venepuncture and Cannulation.

The short stay unit is a great environment to consolidate your nurse training and to find support whilst in your first year of qualification; both wards offer the Preceptorship programme and are fully supported by a Professional Development Facilitator. This environment would give you valuable experience if you wished to progress into working in our Emergency Department.