Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory Medicine

Congratulations on graduating as a registered nurse and securing your first job within the Respiratory Unit. This is where you will start learning specialist skills, consolidate previous learning and gain confidence in your abilities as an independent healthcare professional.

In your role as an independent nurse, you will have the opportunity to learn something new every day. Remember this is a different relationship than that of a student with a mentor. Completion of this package provides evidence for personal and professional portfolios, and provides a foundation on which to develop. The following documents will help you to focus your development and support your Revalidation with the NMC in 3 years’ time

  1. Trust Newly Qualified Interprofessional Preceptorship Package
  2. Specific Respiratory Competency Document – Chest drain management / Non invasive Ventilation / tracheostomy / capillary blood gases
  3. Medicines Management – Drug assessment and Medicines CD and Calculations work book/e learning

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Welcome to the team and don’t hesitate to contact the professional development team if you need anything else.

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The Respiratory Unit is made up of three wards, with an experienced Multidisciplinary team. The wards all consist of 28 beds with 4 of these being high dependency beds on 403.

Ward 402, 403, and 404 all take respiratory patients and we work as a unit transferring patients to each of the wards as appropriate.  We also operate an 8 week rotation for all staff to complete at least once across the respiratory unit, so that all staff have spent at least 4 weeks working on each of the wards.  Ward 404 is the latest ward to join the respiratory unit and as such is a developing ward with plenty of educational support.

On ward 403 we care for Level 2 respiratory patients in our Medical HDU area requiring a variety of treatments including non invasive ventilation using bipap and cpap, tracheostomy’s requiring additional support, patients that require high flow oxygen using our new AIRVO system.  We admit patient direct from the Emergency Department, ITU, or other ward areas and step them down as appropraite.

Here at Derby we pride ourselves on providing high quality evidence based care and are often involved in new research initiatives, we are keen to support staff development and offer rotation with in the service and specialist competencies.

There is access to a respiratory team of specialist nurses for asthma, chronic airways disease and home oxygen.

There are competency packages to support nurses working in respiratory including tracheostomy, chest drain, capillary gases and non invasive ventilation.

The respiratory unit won this years PRIDE award for developing our people and this in part has been for the excellent working ethos we have across the 3 wards.  This has been achieved by introducing a rotation for all staff, as well as new ways of working as a team.

As well as this the respiratory unit is involved in many new initiatives such as:-

  • Development of the target saturation wristbands – an award winning Patient Safety initiative

Respiratory wristband

  • Ward 404 was a pilot ward for the safe care programme and more recently ward 402 have been involved with the For Ward programme