Medical Assessment Unit

Medical Assessment Unit

Firstly, we would like to congratulate you on qualifying as a Registered Nurse.  It has been a long and hard journey but you are now ready to embark on your new, exciting and well deserved career.  Now is the time not only to consolidate your previous learning but to acquire new knowledge, learn new skills and shape your future.

We would simply love to welcome you as part of the team Medical Assessment Unit – this is the start of your career and our unit is an excellent place to start. In a supportive, dynamic environment you will be continually exposed to all medical specialities which will lead to a wealth of experience and knowledge.

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Initially, you will receive an outstanding supernumerary induction package designed by our Clinical Educator to include a wide range of clinical learning experiences. In addition to the Trusts’ excellent Preceptorship programme, you will also complete a bespoke competency based Workbook, created to help structure and guide your develop as a professional in this fast-paced and challenging environment.

During these first few weeks you’ll learn key clinical skills and begin to understand your role and responsibilities as a Registered Nurse.  You will also have your own dedicated Preceptor for the first year and have regular review meetings to discuss your progress in meeting your competencies and your development in general.

The Medical Assessment Unit is a 51 bedded unit comprising of 3 distinct areas;

  • Triage ( 8 Beds)
  • Ward beds (43 Beds)
  • Ambulatory Care

We take admissions from the Emergency Department, GP referrals, specialist outpatients, out of hours Oncology and Haematology referrals and repatriations from other hospitals.

We have 121 staff in our team including 61 trained nurses, 60 untrained staff including Assistant Practitioners, HCA’s, Clinical Support workers, Modern Housekeepers and Receptionists.

We have our own team of Advanced Clinical Practitioners, Consultants, Registrars and Doctors as well as a large team of multidisciplinary professional’s members.

Due to our hard work and commitment, the Medical Assessment Unit won Team of the year in 2012 as well as Team of the Month in January 2016 – titles of which we are justly proud!


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The Medical Assessment Unit is based at the front of the hospital, right next to the main entrance.

We are a 51 bedded unit comprising of 3 different areas:

Triage: 8 beds

All patients who arrive on the Medical Assessment Unit are assessed in Triage.  Between the hours of 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday, they are seen by a Registered nurse and a Consultant within 30 minutes of arrival.  Outside of these times it is a Registered Nurse led Triage.   All patients have a full set of observations taken along with relevant blood tests, intravenous cannulation and ECG, if required.  The Consultant sees the patient and makes the decision about whether to admit for further investigations, discharge or transfer them to Ambulatory Care.

Ward beds: 43 Beds

Once the decision has been made to admit the patient, they are transferred into a bed on the Unit.  This area is split into 3 teams.  Each team is looked after by 2/3 Registered Nurses and 2 Health Care Assistants.  We function as a normal ward (completing drug rounds, hourly care rounds, observation rounds etc.) whilst meeting the patient’s basic needs through the provision of high quality of care.

Team 1:  16 beds

Team 2:  11 beds (4 monitored beds and 7 side rooms)

Team 3:  16 beds.

 Ambulatory Care:

This is an outpatient clinic run by the Medical Assessment Unit.  It is for patients who can be seen and treated as an outpatient and who do not need admitting into a bed.   It will see between 30-50 patients a day.

The Medical Assessment Unit has a team of 121 staff, including 61 trained nurses and 60 untrained members of staff (Assistant Practitioners, Health Care Assistants, and Clinical Support Workers) as well as our own Housekeepers, Receptionists and Porters.

We have our own team of Advanced Clinical Practitioners, Consultants, Registrars and Doctors as well as welcoming visiting members of the multi-disciplinary team and other medical specialities.

On the Medical Assessment Unit, we value your learning and development and we have our own dedicated Clinical Educator who will support you in this.  She provides all in-house mandatory training as well as training and assessing all Registered Nurses to achieve their clinical skills.  We have a daily teaching hour and, most days; this is your opportunity to learning something new and broadens your knowledge.
All staff that join the friendly team here on the Medical Assessment Unit will have a full supernumerary induction and an allocated Preceptor.  During your induction, you will be fully trained and competent in venepuncture, intravenous cannulation, taking blood cultures and performing ECG’s.  You will work alongside your Preceptor so that at the end of your induction, you will be ready to work amongst the rest of the team.   Your Preceptor will be your mentor and coach helping to shape your professional competence – someone who is motivated and is a role model to you.

Here on MAU our aim is to provide the best possible standards of care for our patients and to do this we must support, train and develop our staff.  When you start work on MAU you will have two Preceptorship Workbooks – the Trust’s generic Preceptorship Workbook and MAU’s own bespoke and specific competency based Workbook.

The additional workbook has been designed to ensure that you have structure and direction at a time when you are probably feeling a little lost!  This workbook consists of competencies for you to aim for and achieve within your first year.  Using the workbook as guidance will enable you to know what is expected of you in your role and gives you valuable evidence of your new learning.  It will give you feedback and encouragement.  It will also enable us to ‘see’ how you’re doing – you will have visible evidence of your achievements and this will have a direct impact upon your confidence.

The ward has a friendly atmosphere and you will feel part of the team from when you start.  There are regular social engagements and there is always someone there that you can talk to.

There are numerous opportunities to develop and further your knowledge and experience, you just need to take that step and join our team.

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