Congratulations on graduating as a registered nurse and securing your first job within the Endocrine and Diabetes specialism. This is where you will start learning specialist skills, such as managing Diabetic Ketoacidosis using sliding scale Insulin infusion and chronic wound management as well as consolidating your previous learning and gaining confidence in your abilities as an independent healthcare professional.

In your role as a staff nurse, you will have the opportunity to learn something new every day. Remember this is a very different role to that of a student and you will have access to support from our dedicated Professional Development Team.

We will support you in completion of several packages of training to assist you in providing evidence for personal and professional portfolios, which will provide a foundation on which to develop. The following documents will help you to focus your development and support your Revalidation with the NMC in three years’ time-

  • Trust Newly Qualified Interprofessional Preceptorship Package
  • Medicines Management – Drug assessment and Controlled Drugs workbook/ e-learning package.

We want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Endocrine team, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything else.

Visit our ‘in depth’ tab to learn more about working in the Endocrine and Diabetes specialism.

The Endocrinology and Diabetes service here at The Royal Derby Teaching Hospital is made up of two areas- a specialist ward (Ward 409) and a large and busy outpatient department who host our foot clinics, dressing clinics and diabetes management clinics and a variety of endocrine disorder clinics.

During your supernumerary time with the unit you will have the opportunity to visit and observe these clinics and all of the specialist and complex work they do to manage diabetic foot ulcers and chronic wounds also patients with Endocrine disorders, Diabetes clinics, which will assist you in gaining vital skills for development.

Ward 409 is an 18 bedded and friendly ward providing all aspects of nursing care for patients with a range of Endocrine, Diabetes and general medical disorders.

You will develop knowledge of a wide spectrum of these disorders, their causes and treatments to enable you to become a highly trained nursing professional who is able to provide care for patients with Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Cushing’s disease amongst many others.

Our patients are largely admitted via our Medical Assessment Unit, Surgical Assessment Unit and clinics as well as our ITU and Emergency Departments.

You will experience complex Tissue viability cases, complex discharges involving a network of community professionals and develop general nursing skills.

You will undertake training in the safe use of Insulin and sliding scales as well as have the opportunity to shadow the Specialist Diabetes and Tissue Viability nurses.

You will have the opportunity to experience all stages of Endocrine and Diabetic care from Diagnosis and observe a range of treatment options including insulin regimes and surgical interventions such as amputation.

We have networks with associated morbidities for Endocrine disorders such as renal medicine and Cardiology as well as networks with our team of Research nurses who are currently carrying out research projects into prevention of amputation.

Whilst working for the Endocrine and Diabetes ward you will develop skills for health promotion and gain knowledge of the importance of Nutrition which will aid you in delivering care to our patients.