Congratulations on graduating as a registered nurse and securing your first job within the Cardiology Unit. This is where you will start learning specialist skills, consolidate previous learning and gain confidence in your abilities as an independent healthcare professional.

In your role as an independent nurse, you will have the opportunity to learn something new every day. Remember this is a different relationship than that of a student with a mentor. Completion of our Specialist Cardiology package provides evidence for personal and professional portfolios, and provides a foundation on which to develop. The following documents will help you to focus your development and support your Revalidation with the NMC in 3 years’ time

  • Trust Newly Qualified Interprofessional Preceptorship Package
  • Specific Cardiology Competency Document – ECG, Cardiac Monitoring, TR Bands, Phlebotomy and Venepuncture
  • Medicines Management – Drug assessment and Medicines, Controlled Drugs and Calculations work book/e learning
  • Click here to find out more about managing your preceptorship.

Welcome to the Cardiology Team and don’t hesitate to contact the Professional Development Team or Cardiology Education Sister if you need anything else.

Visit our ‘in-depth’ tab to find out more about working in the Cardiology Specialism at The Royal Derby Teaching Hospital.

The Cardiology Unit is made up of three areas- The Cardiac Catheter Suite, Coronary Care Unit and our Cardiology Ward 408.

Our Coronary Care Unit has 13 beds which provide High Dependency care for patients who need intensive cardiac monitoring due to a cardiac event. If you choose to work on our Cardiology ward you will have the opportunity to spend time on the unit and experience this level of care during your supernumery time.

Our Cardiac Catheter Suite provides emergency and planned interventional care such as: Angiography, pacemaker insertion, ablation therapy, cardioversion, stent insertion and Percutaneous Coronary intervention- during your supernumery status you will be able to observe some of these procedures to aid your understanding of the patients you will care for. These services are provided 24 hours a day and seven days a week and you will need to undertake additional training if you would like to work in this area.

Ward 408 has 28 beds, 6 of which are monitoring beds. We provide care for pre and post cardiac surgery such as bypasses. We have good links with Glenfield Hospital, Stoke Hospital and Nottingham Hospital who are cardiac specialists; because of this you will gain insight into complex cardiac conditions such as Endocarditis and complex rehabilitation care for post MI patients.

Our patients are admitted via a range of routes including the Emergency Department, ITU and direct from an ambulance. You will have access to a range of specialist nurses from Cardiac Outreach, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Heart Failure clinics who will support you in your development.

The unit also has a dedicated Education Sister who will provide one to one educational support to develop your skills from your very first day. Within six months of commencing your role with us you will be undertaking your Intermediate Life Support Certificate which is a requirement of all of our nursing staff.

During your supernumery time and, once you have developed your cardiology skills there may be opportunities to work in our anti-coagulation clinic, or our cardiology outpatient clinics or work towards a cardiology Research Nurse post.

The unit is currently working towards our End of Life Accreditation status and hope to work towards our Infection Control Accreditation in the near future. We are the proud owners of individual and Team PRIDE of Derby awards for the care we deliver to our patients