Congratulations on graduating as a registered nurse and securing your first job within Oncology & Haematology services. This is where you will start learning specialist skills, consolidate previous learning and gain confidence in your abilities as an independent health professional.

In your role as an independent nurse, you will have the opportunity to learn something new every day. Remember this is a very different role to that of a student nurse and you will create relationships with those around you that are different to that of a student and their mentor. Completion of specialist packages provides evidence for personal and professional portfolios, and provides a foundation on which to develop. The following documents will help you to focus your learning and development and support you to revalidate with the NMC in three years’ time:

  1. Trust Newly Qualified Interprofessional Preceptorship Package
  2. Specific Competency packages for Haematology, Oncology and Chemotherapy
  3. Venepuncture, Cannulation and CVAD’s
  4. Medicines Management- Drug Assessment and Controlled Drugs, Calculations Workbook

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Welcome to the team and don’t hesitate to contact the Professional Development team or the ward Sisters if you need any further information.

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Oncology and Haematology services within the Royal Derby Hospital are made up of several areas. We have three acute wards, The Nightingale Macmillan Unit, Combined Day Case Unit and our Specialist Outpatients Department.

Ward 301– Haematology ward we have 18 beds, patients receiving treatment for a variety of Haematological disorders.

Ward 302– mix of haematology and Oncology, 21-26 beds depending on need- no specialist treatments delivered on ward but management of symptoms, admissions for acutely unwell patients take place here.

Ward 303– We are a 28 bedded ward dealing with acutely unwell oncology patients and their associated treatments. We triage and treat unwell patients out of hours. We also treat patients for symptom control and End of Life and deliver chemotherapy treatments on the ward.

Nightingale Macmillan Unit– 20 beds, patients admitted for end of life, palliative care, symptom control and respite care.

Combined Day Unit– outpatients coming in for the day to receive treatments such as chemotherapy, unwell bay is triage point for acutely unwell patients to assess need for treatment/admission, pre and post chemotherapy clinics are held here.

Specialist Outpatients– all clinics for Haematology and Oncology- follow up clinic, new referrals, treatment planning.
When you join the Oncology & Haematology services at Derby you will have the opportunity to rotate and shadow other departments involved with your patients care to give you a better understanding of the conditions they are admitted with. You will be supported and encouraged to do this within your supernumerary time on the ward.

You will receive a welcome package which includes vital information including the medications we use which are unique to us as an area of specialism which will help you consolidate your existing skills as well as competency packages in subjects such as Venepuncture and cannulation and you will attend the Trusts Central Venous Access Device Training to enable you to work as an independent practitioner. Later in your time with us there may be opportunity to undertake a specialist 5 day course in Oncology and a 3 day course in Haematology as well as our Chemotherapy course levels 1 and 2.

You will encounter patients who are taking part in clinical trials for research purposes and so it may be possible to shadow some of our research time if you have a specific interest in one of the trials, particularly with a focus on Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma.

A large part of the care we provide in the service focuses on symptom management such as pain control, and on vital aspects such as nutrition, therefore we have excellent relationships with a wide and varied team of specialist nurses who will be happy to support and guide you whilst you develop your skills and knowledge in their area of expertise.

The Oncology & Haematology service owns a range of individual and team PRIDE of Derby awards and 302 won Team of the Year in 2016 for the outstanding level of care we provide to our patients. The areas of the service are individually working towards the End of Life Accreditation as well as safeguarding and Infection Control Accreditation.